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14 March 2015 @ 02:07 pm
+ Ugh, I keep saying I plan to be Better At DW sometime soon and then, well, things just happen. I'm making a last-minute trip to Montreal for investigation/mild interrogation purposes tomorrow, so that I can make an informed school decision by this coming Friday. I'm still lacking an actual offer from the one school I interviewed at, which is super irritating as this coming week is their spring break. :S I've flailed at my mentor about this already, and she gently suggested I be patient and wait some more, which is not unreasonable advice... but doesn't exactly help the obsessing over HOLY SHIT BIG LIFE CHOICES or HOLY SHIT NEED ALL MY INFO BY FRIDAY issue. Argh.

+ Happy even-more-pi(e)-than-usual day! I don't know that I'm patient enough to do this, but someone else should definitely make a PIE-RATE SHIP for today. :D I am, however, sadly lacking in pie-cons, so if anyone has images of delicious pie, please share so I can make those?

+ A has just informed me that Rodrigo y Gabriela are performing at the Montreal jazz fest, which is ~incidentally~ right before a zouk weekend event. Bribery: ACHIEVED.

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