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viva la vida

it was the wicked and wild wind

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FYI: this is my fandom journal/writing archive. if you're interested in such things, you're more than welcome to friend me, but as my writing isn't friendslocked, i can be pretty erratic about friending back. comments are always welcome! :) a note for those in search of my fic: you can find whatever you're looking for in my tagslist (under my archives tag). my memories list is reserved for other people!

NOTE: this is a slash-friendly journal. if you aren't a fan or don't know what slash means, please tread carefully!

DISCLAIMER: no copyright infringements are intended, and no profits are being made from my fanfic. all characters belong to the authors/owners of their respective copyrights.

layout modified from milou_veronica; profile code tweaked from noveltybox.
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ABOUT ME: glass_icarus, n. (fem.)
1. recent college graduate; lives in and has had a life-long love affair with New York City.
2. writes: currently, fanfiction; am also getting back into original writing.
3. reads: too many things, mostly of the F/SF genre; more recently, assorted manga & anime series. the very top of the list is Guy Gavriel Kay for book fandoms and Kazuya Minekura for manga.
4. listens: eclectic. music appears here, on occasion.

synonyms: Y
♥ hearts

Harry Potter
Good Omens
Guy Gavriel Kay 'verses
His Dark Materials
Kyou Kara Maou
Shounen Onmyouji
Wild Adapter
Okane ga Nai
Robin McKinley (Damar series)
BBC Merlin
Antique Bakery
Junjou Romantica
Saving Face
Red Cliff
Avatar: The Last Airbender

some original writing & co-modding dreamweft (a Guy Gavriel Kay fanfiction community) with avendya!
spades ♠

The Dark is Rising
McKillip's Riddlemaster trilogy
Godchild/Cain Saga
Special A
Haru wo Daiteita/Fuyu no Semi
Nabari no Ou
Star Trek: Reboot
Darker Than Black
Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru
Occult Academy
Peacemaker Kurogane
**for other fandoms i may eventually be tempted into writing, see my reclist of doom.
"upstairs" carstairs, (yes we) ke-han, 39, 58, adam young, akihiko/misaki, alcibiades, arthur pendragon, asriel, aziraphale, aziraphale/crowley, bad luck, basher, basquiat, bbc merlin, bradley james, bran davies, cain hargreaves, caius greylace, caius/alcibiades for grate lulz, cho hakkai, chromatic vision, coconut ukeleles, colin morgan, conrad weller, conrad/yuuri, crowley, daikenja, danny ocean, danny/rusty, dave "stonewall" brassoff, diasporados, dragon corps, ducklings, ethan west, fantasy, free verse, genjo sanzo, godchild, gojyo/hakkai, good omens, gq motherfuckers, gravitation, guy gavriel kay, havemercy, hiro-san, his dark materials, house, house/wilson, james potter, jeremy "shadow" archer, jizabel/cassian, johnny "texas" pilgrim, junjou egoist, junjou mistake, junjou romantica, junjou terrorist, k, kamijou hiroki, kougaiji, kouje, kouje/mamoru, kubota makoto, kubota/tokito, kumagoro, kusama nowaki, kyou kara maou, lyra belacqua, lyra/will, mamoru, marauder's map, marauders, marisa coulter, mary malone, mcshep, merlin emrys, merlin/arthur, mike "honda" takemura, minekura kazuya, miyagi you, miyagi/shinobu, moony, murata ken, mwpp, nakamura shungiku, nakano hiroshi, narnia, nate "specs" waxman, nittle grasper, nowaki/hiroki, ocean's 11, padfoot, pendragon, poetry, potter, prongs, prose, puppies, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rich "specs two" story, riff/cain, riffael raffit, rosanna zhang, royston/hal, rube goldberg devices, rusty ryan, saiyuki, sakuma ryuuichi, sandra "springheel" leone, sanzo/goku, sbp, sha gojyo, shadow of the templar, shibuya yuuri, shindou shuuichi, shinou, shuuichi/yuki, simon "templar" drake, simon/jeremy, sirius black, slam, slash, slash dragon, son goku, stigma, stork, stork/tit, takahashi misaki, takatsuki shinobu, the dark is rising, thom/rook, thremedon, tit, tokito minoru, uesugi eiri, uncello, usagi-san, usagi-san/misaki, usami akihiko, wild adapter, will parry, will stanton, will/bran, wilson, writing, yuki eiri